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You can get permanent residency in the United States of America by participating in the official government Green Card program.



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Green Card – is an American
document about permanent residency in the USA

Diversity Immigrant
Visa Lottery program

The Immigration Lottery “Green Card” (Diversity Immigrant Visa Program) was created by the initiative of the US Congress and is conducted in accordance with Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), Section 203(c). Annually this program gives away 50,000 immigrant visas in the countries that are allowed participation. This Lottery is organized by the US State Department.


Visa-free entry

Green Card - gives you permanent residency in the United States of America.


Legal employment

You can legally work in US and earn American salary.


US citizenship

You are allowed to apply for US citizenship while retaining native citizenship.

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Your old application, with obsolete data, will no longer participate in the program. According to the rules of the program, the data of all family members should be entered and the current family status indicated.

For successful participation - you need to fill out a new Questionnaire indicating all the current information at the moment.


1. What affects the winnings?

Nothing, neither age nor education play any role. This is United States lottery program where anybody has equal a right to win.

2. Will I be able to take a family?

Yes, you may take your family with you to the United States. A spouse and children together with the main applicant will receive documents.

3. What does it mean “to be a winner” in Greed Card program?

To become a winner in this program means – you are getting a permission
from US State Department to start immigration process and after qualifying, getting Green Card.

4. What am I going to do in the United States?

After receiving Green Card, you will have a status of a permanent resident of the United States of America,
with legal rights to live, work, study, travel, doing
business and enjoy life in a country with lot of opportunities of opportunities.

Do not miss this opportunity.

Every year about more than 100.000 praricipants won in the Green Card lottery program.

In Green Card program 2016 year 115, 968 applicants have been selected from all applicants during registration preiod.

Filling the form will take just 5 minutes of your time.
Filling the form will take just a five minutes of your time.


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